Special Travel Team Pricing Offer!

Pre Grand Opening SPECIAL OFFER

Pre Grand Opening SPECIAL OFFER


Hybrid Performance


What each player gets with this plan:


Travel/HS/College Individual Player Program  

• Varsity Training Membership, Designated time and on-floor coaches, up to 5 days a week 

• Open Cage membership

• Baseball Strength & Conditioning Plan based on time of the year (Pre-In-Post-Off-Season)

• Discounts on Camps, Clinics and Lessons.

• Quarterly Assessments.

• Access to all the top Analytical Data Equipment (Pitch Logic, YakerTech)

• Access to more professional (Only Current or Former Players/Coaches) coaches than any facility in the Valley

• Massage & Physical Therapist on-site that specializes in Baseball

• Culture & Atmosphere dedicated to Baseball. 

• Access to Tutors & homework areas

• Over 7000 sqft of baseball & training 

• Over 60% discount from regular dues

All of this individually would cost well over $500/month. The Training membership alone is $299. The Open Cage Membership is $50/month. Assessments are $75 a piece. 

Special Pre-Opening Cost: $175/month with 3 month Commitment -All Pre Opening memberships are 3 month commitments. After 3 months. it's Month to Month with a 30-day cancelation notice. 

Your athletes will be surrounded by professional baseball players that will set examples on how and what it takes to play baseball not just at the professional level but any level. The level of coaching is as good as anywhere in the valley. There is over 30 years of Strength & Conditioning experience along with coaches that have played or are currently playing professional baseball. 


Along with everything listed above, what you will get is:

• Me (Kevin Bay) with over 20 years of coaching & training. I have trained 100's of kids that have received athletic 

  scholarships, 100's of professional athletes, olympians and 1000's of people in my training career. 

• Currently have 12 MLB players and over 40 MiLB players

• Over the last 3 years we have helped 11 HS athletes receive D1 Scholarships and over the course of the last 10 years we are 100% with athletes training with us and receiving scholarships or playing professionally. 


Our goal is to have 60 athlete members by the time we have our Grand  Opening (Oct 1st). There will be price increases for athletes that do not sign up before the 1st 60 and will continue to periodically go up as more and more athletes become members. 


HPC appreciates the interest in wanting to make Hybrid Performance the place to develop as an athlete. No matter what sport! I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship. 



8971 Bloomfield

Peoria, AZ 85381

Call or Text: 480 410 3242 

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