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About Hybrid Performance Center

Hybrid Baseball is a 15,000 sqft athletic training facility partnered with Zinger Bat Company that is located in Scottsdale, AZ. HPC offers a combination of strength and conditioning instruction and access to the best Sports Performance coaches the Valley has to offer.


Our Strength Program is predicated on the fundamentals needed to develop power, speed, and mobility for athletes at any level. Additionally, HPC also offers comprehensive training programs for those interested in achieving long-term health and fitness goals.

We specialize in Baseball/Softball training. Our professional coaches hold a combined 50+ years of experience, and all staff at HPC have either played, are currently playing, coached at the highest level. 


The definition of HYBRID is “having two or more different types of components, performing together to form one function.” At Hybrid, we’re more than just a gym; we’re an online and on-site fitness brand dedicated to helping our members on two fronts: development and execution. We give you the ttoo and tools and coaching you need to develop into the best player you can possibly be. 

As you will see below, you will not find a facility with the expertise and experience that Hybrid has. Our coaching staff is filled with current professional coaches or players on both the minor and major league level. Whether you’ve finally made the decision to take your training seriously or you’re a seasoned athlete trying to take your game up to the next level, we’ll help you get there. We always provide custom, individualized programming for fitness and nutrition, where your program is designed solely for you because no two people are the same!


Kevin Bay

Owner, Head of Strength & Conditioning 

Kevin is owner and head of strength & conditioning for Hybrid. He has trained athletes ranging from youth all the way up to MLB All-Stars. After his playing career ended, Kevin has dedicated his life to helping others become the best they can be physically. Kevin’s best work is known for baseball players, with having 80+  training with him regularly in the off-season.  Whether it’s for sport, life, or business Kevin’s experience covers over two decades while helping thousands of people and hundreds of athletes earn scholarships or go on to play professionally in their respective sport. 


His ultimate goal professionally was to open a facility that can allow athletes to grow as players and as people while providing a unique atmosphere, breeds competition, and sets athletes up for success. 




Partner and Head of Pitching Development (Fueled by ZB Velocity)

Jordan is a former Big League Pitcher with the Seattle Mariners and currently owns ZB Velocity. Hybrid Performance is now the home to ZB Velocity, which is one of the most prominent pitching programs in Phoenix. ZB Velocity has helped 100’s of kids develop into better pitchers, players and teammates. 


Jordan has an exceptional reputation with athletes, parents and teams all throughout the valley. He is also one of the top pitching coaches you will ever find. ZB Velocity is our chosen program for pitching as well as our very popular “VELO CAMP” which happens 4x a year. 

Matt Magill Pitching-Mental Preformance Instructor.tiff

Matt MaGill

Pitching & Mental Skill Coach

Matt has 3 1/2 Years Of Major League Experience  has appeared in 112 MLB Games Played with 149.2 MLB Innings Pitched with 158 MLB Strikeouts. Matt also has 228 MILB Games Played throughout a 14 Year Professional Playing Career after being 31st Rd Draft Pick By LAD 2008. Matt has had the good fortune for playing in the Dodgers, Reds, Padres, Twins, & Mariners organizations. Matt was also a pitching coach in the Mariners MiLB.  Matt has Taught Proper Explosive Mechanics Relentless Mental Approach Pre, Post Arm Care Routines, Pitch Planning & the mental approach to pitching. 



Lead Hitting Instructor & Mental Skills Coach

Bobby comes to us directly from the Atlanta Braves big league team where he is the assistant hitting coach. With over 30 years of professional baseball experience as both a player and a coach, Bobby is one of the best hitting minds in all of baseball. He serves as the personal hitting coach for guys like Dansby Swanson, Adam Duvall and MVP, Freddie Freeman. 

On top of being one of the best hitting coaches in the country, Bobby has his masters in performance psychology and brings a great value to our players not only hitting but also mentally

Jordan In Seattle.jpeg


Hitting/Infield Instructor

Jordan is currently the 2b for the AA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Not only an exceptional student of the game, Jordan is one of the best infielders in all of baseball at any level. Jordan is 2x Defensive Player of the Year in the TX league and has only made 2 errors in 3 years as an every day player. Obviously baseball is Jordan’s true passion but along with that is the passion for teaching kids the game and how to play it correctly. There’s not a better coach to have when it comes to younger athletes than Jordan. 

Kaz Hitting.jpeg


Hitting/Infield Instructor

Sean “Kaz” is an 18 year professional baseball player. Sean was drafted in the 5th Round by the SD Padres and has since played with them the Mariners and his current team, the Atlanta Braves. Sean retired in 2021 and quickly received coaching offers from all over the league. Finally deciding on a position as MiLB Hitting Coordinator for the Anaheim ANgels 


Sean has also been coached for over 10 years by Ron Washington who is regarded as one of the best infield coaches in the world. Because of that, Sean has become a top notch defensive coach that can help any infielder be better defensively in just 1 session. 


Find out who all our current members are that play professional baseball.

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